Podcasts are the thing nowadays! Here’s what Tallyfor and friends are listening to. This article was NOT written by AI. 🤖

The faves: 

  • Earmark podcast (Blake). 
  • Pod and Vodcasts from GrowthLab. 
  • The Good the Bad the Ugly (Lorilyn). 
  • Accounting High (Scott)
  • Jason Staats
  • Federal Tax Updates (Padgett)

Why we like them!

Blake is great. CPE for listening is brilliant! 

The GrowthLab guys are funny (they swear and seem down to earth but they know their shit and I learn a lot from them (It’s probably the best technology podcast from a practical standpoint). 

Lorilyn is a kickass accountant who is a skilled interviewer. Her guests are interesting. 

Accounting High - I’ve wanted to put my high school days behind me, but Scott’s energy and creativity give me an LOL so I dig it. SO many friends, colleagues and awesome Tallyfor customers have been on this podcast! Scott is chill and has a way of getting guests to have cu loose and fun. Love hearing about their lives and experiences (not just accounting related)!

Jason is the man. He’s hard to catch in the wild, he’s banging out some excellent content. Will AI have staying power?

Federal Tax Updates. I personally LOVE this one, a bit nerdy, but hey we’re tax nerds! Run by Padgett Business Services, it helps me understand what any tax practitioner should stay on top of. Roger Harris and Annie Schwab have a great rapport and Roger’s depth of tax knowledge is quite impressive.

There’s much more though!

Here’s what feedspot tells me is interesting, but we’ve got more.

Here’s our expanded list. What’s your favorites, let us know!

August 24, 2023