Hope the other side of April 18 is treating you well.

In this industry, the weeks after the April deadline can feel like the beginning of a new year.  And looking around #TaxTwitter, I found a lot of discourse focused on 'making next year better'.   Now I know that I've let quite a few new years resolutions slide in the past, so I'm curious - what are you doing to make your post-busy season goals a reality?

Since we are never doing another tax season like the one we just did again I would love to hear what changes you will make:
In the next month:
6 months:
8/9 months (right before next tax season):#TaxTwitter

— Jacob Schroeder (@JacobBSchroeder) April 19, 2022

Will you be attending AccountingWEB Live Summit?

If so, please keep an eye out for our team.  We'll be decked out in our Tallyfor gear and will be attending most of the sessions.  We're really looking forward to learning about everyone's strategic priorities, seeing old friends and making some new ones.  


Just for kicks, we'll be toting some Tallyfor hacky sacks.  Got skills?  We've got a special prize waiting for the accountant who can put together the most consecutive kicks at the event.

Updates! Oh, Wonderful Updates!

  • Our team has been hard at work on some enhancements to Tallyfor Balance.  Now that the 'busy season dust' has settled, we'll be shipping these new features.  Please keep an eye out for some important product updates coming your way.  We also have a new website to share soon!
  • - We are starting demo sessions for our newest product, Tallyfor Tax Planning, and will open up a private beta in the coming months.  We're flattered by the early feedback and can't wait to share some sneak peeks soon.
  • If you are interested in joining our early adopter group, please take a moment and complete this form.  We will be inviting interested parties to 1:1 sessions.

From all of us here at Tallyfor for, thank you for being you!  We're grateful for the contributions of our early customers and community.  

Hope to see you IRL soon!

Cheers to you



Peter and Team Tallyfor

April 19, 2022