Welcome to the first installment of the Tallyfor newsletter: Out of Balance.

First off, way to go #TaxHero!

We know that this time of year is fraught with headaches, but you're doing vital work. So as we move into April, remember to take care of client number ONE (aka you!). The sunshine and fresh air of spring await, and your remaining returns aren't going anywhere.

While you enjoy a bit of respite, I encourage you to imagine your ideal tax season. Would you work from an exotic destination? Would you get all returns filed in a couple of weeks? Would you shed some bad clients and do more work for the good ones? Would you have more fun?

We've seen customers doing all of the above this tax season, and we love it!  Busy season can be FUN; thanks to those who are proving it.


Product Updates

Schedule C automation:

Need to knock out a Sch C in a couple mins?  Be our guest!  Our team has added some extra smarts to help automate this form.

image (3)

Team Tallyfor - IN THE WILD!

We will be attending the AccountingWEB Live Summit and AICPA Engage next quarter.  Looking forward to seeing you there!  Drop us a line if you'll be at either of these events.  

We are also excited to support a number of industry alliances and networks.  Let us know if you'd like Tallyfor to join an upcoming event.

Thanks for reading my first crack at a newsletter.  I promise more irreverence and bad jokes in the coming months.


Until then, wishing you a successful run to April 15.  Happy filing!

Cheers to you



March 25, 2022
Out of Balance